Since 1982 we are the Original “Splash Pool Service” in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. There are many variations on the name "Splash" currently used by other pool services, but our roots go back to over 35 years.  A lot has changed over the years but a few things have remained the same. Splash preserves the philosophy of an owner-managed organization, partner with the best people, and keep the education of our customers as our top priority. We value long-lasting relationships and understand that short-term sales strategies only hurt our customers and industry as a whole.

Splash has been the “go-­to” company for pool builders and pool equipment manufacturers since 2005.  Splash has been first on-site to met with thousands of homeowners as they turn on the equipment on their new pools for the first time. Giving instruction and orientation on the proper use of their pool, and providing warranty for multiple equipment manufacturers has given us an excellent perspective on the wants and needs of swimming pool owners here in the desert.

Splash has been instrumental in developing and maintaining alternative sanitation systems that reduce or eliminate the need to add chlorine to your swimming pool water.  This unique position has helped us cut through the complexity and false claims made by some pool sanitation systems, and recommend what is best for our customers' needs.

Why I Love What I do

Current Leadership: Kyle Morgan has been riding the wave with Splash since 1993, he started his first pool service company while he was in high school in southeast Texas.  When he moved out to Arizona in 1991 he quickly found employment in the swimming pool industry he was familiar with.  Kyle loves to help others in his chosen profession, you will find him knocking on the doors of “the neighbors” of his current customers, to see if he can help them with their swimming pool too. Since he spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun, you will find him in his long pants and shirts and big hat (don’t forget the fanny pack) he may look a little strange but this strange outfit helps him stay protected from the sun and help you with your pool.

He has helped more than 50 people start or expand their own swimming pool service company, he is a believer in helping other achieve their objectives through understanding their natural talent and aligning it to their service and success.

North of 60fwy Tempe & Mesa Area Specialist

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We localize and specialize in your geographical area to give you the best service results for your swimming pool.