We offer education and collaboration services so you can be confident in the servicing of your own pool, or partner with us for scheduled maintenance.

Orientations: Splash has helped 100’s of new pool owners with hands on demonstration and supportive documentation to help you learn and understand how to service your pool. Sometimes education is the best way to learn if you want to do your maintenance yourself or have someone help you. We are happy to be that someone to help with your pool maintenance if you so choose.

Proposals: We can help you with a customized approach, the on site proposal. By knowing your pool, it equipment and understanding preferences we can help you with a program that cuts through all the advice so you can confidently choose now and into the future.

Weekly Service: Pool Cleaning, Pool Chemical.

Recurring Service: Filter Cleaning, Salt System Maintenance, Pool Draining, Tune-up & Maintenance of O-rings & Seals.

As needed Service: Green Pool Clean-up, After Storm- Pool Clean-up, Pool Tile Cleaning, Acid Wash, Pool Equipment Repair.

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